Lesson Pricing

Did You Know?

Single vehicle accidents are the number one cause of deaths among young people in BC. Learn from a professional, how to drive properly and be prepared for unexpected and unforeseen circumstances.

Refresher courses are also available for seniors requiring a retest.

COVID-19 Protocols In Place

Special lessons can be scheduled for students who desire to have a nighttime drive on the highway. These students must first have a lesson and evaluation.

A Malahat drive to Victoria and back can also be arranged. Student must first have at least 1 lesson and be evaluated. This lesson will be 2.5 hours, to Victoria and return trip to Duncan. It will include coaching proper highway driving and a short drive within Victoria to familiarize students with a different driving environment. Cost for this is $275.00.

Driving School Duncan

1.5 Hour Lesson and Driver Evaluation – $110.00

Road Test Package – $165.00

4.5 Hours Training – $325.00

6 Hours Training – $423.60

7.5 Hours Training – $510.00

9 Hours Training – $594.00

12 Hours Training – $776.00

15 Hours Training – $950.00